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With that being said, only a portion of the dozens of companies offering their services in the TX area is in fact "top 10 home warranty company in Texas". Reviewing various aspects of such a plan and conducting a thorough comparison to alternatives is vital in order to find a company that will meet your requirements. Do not settle for anything but a perfect fit with a reputable firm that you can trust! Visit Website Call Editorial Rating Not available through RHW.

Multiple optional coverage items Choose your own service fee! The Texas real estate market is booming - homeowners look for protection According to Census Bureau, homeownership in Texas grows at a rapid pace. One of the oldest tricks in the salesperson's book is to make the customer believe he is in a dire need of a product which has to be purchased on the spot, but it is rarely the case. You have to understand that home warranty companies in Texas, or anywhere else, are not going to fix items with pre-existing conditions.

That means that whether you make a home warranty today 10 months down the line, your broken washing machine will not be replaced! Additionally to the above, there is a 30 day waiting period with most home warranty programs and plans in Texas.

Best Home Warranty Companies in Texas

That means that you would have to wait 30 days between signing a contract and until your policy is activated. Some home warranty companies offer a pre-existing condition evaluation, other companies would sell you a plan without any evaluations. What are the warning signs that my TX home warranty provider may be unrecommended? The worst trait adopted by many shady home warranty companies is tricky Terms and Conditions.

If you are unable to understand exactly what your coverage includes, how fast should your Texas home warranty company attend to your complaint, or what are the actual replacement coverage limits on items that are not fixable, you should consider using a different company.

What are the home warranty regulations in Texas? All home warranty companies in Texas must be licensed by Texas Real Estate Commission TREC in order to offer residential service contracts to the state residents for any service related to a repair or replacement of an appliance or a home system.

So, before you sign a home warranty contract, ask the customer representative if their company holds such a license. All companies reviewed on our site are fully licensed to work in a respective state. What should you take into consideration when buying a home warranty specifically in Texas? As Texas is located in several climate zones, different parts of this state may vary significantly.

In winter, the average temperatures range from 50F in Amarillo to 70F in Brownsville.

The Texas real estate market is booming - homeowners look for protection

In summer, the average temperatures go as high as F in Laredo. Megabus Golden tickets in Houston: This is where you could find a pass to win free travel for a year News. All Rights Reserved. Get email alerts for local stories and events around the world. MD Anderson patients, staff in immediate jeopardy after recent federal…. Here are several issues on which Fort Bend County residents are voting on. Rest in peace: Officer Abigail dies Tuesday after long battle with cancer.

Golden tickets in Houston: This is where you could find a pass to win…. Add-on gutter cleaning, floor cleaning and pest control coverage. Offers three plans starting at appliances-only and going up to comprehensive coverage. Warranties include a day guarantee on repairs or service. Provides coverage for major systems and appliances. Appliance replacement costs covered. Roof leak coverage available.

Provides structural warranties for new homes. Opt for one of two plans covering appliances or appliances and systems. Offers two plans covering select systems and appliances. Optional add-on coverage also available. Offers a variety of plans with specific coverage options based on location and home type. Realtors can buy a home warranty as a gift for their clients. Choose from five plan options that range from kitchen coverage to a bundle package that provides comprehensive protection.

Landmark Home Warranty Review

Offers three home protection plans for residents of Nevada, Texas and Arizona. Some home maintenance services included. Choose from two plans with standard or comprehensive coverage for systems and appliances. Optional add-ons available. Offers two plan options, including a premium plan that covers more than 30 systems and appliances.

What to Know About Buying a Home Warranty

Custom plans with optional add-ons available. Works with TotalProtect Home Warranty to provide three plans. Cost varies by location. Warranties include a day guarantee on repairs. No aggregate annual caps. Offers rust and corrosion protection. Home warranties are designed to help homeowners pay for expensive home repairs related to the breakdown of major home systems, like heating or plumbing, and major appliances, like refrigerators or water heaters.

State investigates home repair complaints

Home warranty providers do this by charging customers a monthly premium in exchange for providing repairs at a set service call fee, which can save homeowners thousands of dollars over the length of their contract. To buy a home warranty, find a company you trust and select a plan that covers the systems and appliances essential to your home. You can buy a home warranty by following these steps:. Once this period has passed, you can use your home warranty as often as needed. How home warranties work Home warranty costs: Are home warranties worth it? Home warranty plans and coverage.

Companies sell home warranties that target different needs. Some of the most common types of home warranties are:. Homeowners warranty Homeowners can purchase a home warranty at any time. Homebuyers can purchase this type of warranty up to 90 days after closing. Not only can you quickly fix any issues that crop up while your home is for sale, you can help close the deal by providing potential buyers a home warranty that transfers into their name after the sale. Home warranties for rental properties Landlords greatly benefit from the security of a home warranty.

New construction warranty New construction warranties are provided by home builders to offer extra protection for new properties. Home warranty providers also offer condo home warranties and mobile home warranties. When choosing a home warranty plan, the most important things to review are cost and coverage. You can break any home warranty offer down into a few main components. If the systems and appliances in your home are more than 10 years old, you might want to think seriously about renewing your home warranty. If you have, did the warranty save you a significant amount of money on repairs?

Was the company easy to work with? Also consider if you want to make any adjustments to your plan, including adding or removing covered items to make the policy a better fit for your home. To select our top picks for the best home warranty companies, we looked at average cost, coverage, contract terms and conditions and service call fees for the top 15 home warranty companies in the industry.

Best Overall American Home Shield. American Home Shield is one of the biggest players in the industry, and it offers some of the best coverage on the market. We recommend AHS for customers looking for complete coverage. Best Value Liberty Home Guard. Liberty also offers a wide range of optional add-ons, including coverage for pools and spas, sump pumps, well pumps and septic systems as well as less common options such as re-key, pest control and cleaning services. Total Home Guard covers household appliances and home systems. Choice Home Warranty offers coverage for most major home systems and appliances, regardless of their age.

You can adjust your plan to include as much coverage as you need with two predesigned plans and a list of add-on coverage options. The company offers two plans: Basic or Total. Plans cover major home appliance and system repairs, but the Total Plan includes a few critical items the Basic Plan does not, including air conditioning systems, refrigerators, washers and dryers. Unlike many companies, Choice Home Warranty offers limited roof leak coverage as an optional, add-on coverage option.

Offers home warranty packages for basic appliances and major systems. Use an independent contractor with approval.

15 Best Home Warranty Companies of | ConsumerAffairs

Offers in-home service for repairs of qualifying appliances. Offers individual and combo plans for heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical systems. Charges no deductibles. Provides a one-year guarantee on most repairs. Offers four plans with coverage levels and costs that vary by state. Contracts available in Spanish.