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Confidence is now partially restored. The disease, however, was taking a milder form, and hopes were entertained that it would soon take its departure. The Spectator adds that Cholera prevails to a greater or lesser extent in Edwardsville, the American Bottom, through the towns on the Illinois river, and various other places in the State. The steam boat Tiskilwa will commence her daily trips between this place and Alton on Tuesday next. Leave Alton daily at half past 3 o'clock P.

All freight must be delivered on board at least half an hour before starting, as the time of departure will be strictly adhered to. After this trip, she will, we are informed, go into the dry dock for thorough repairs. ALTON FERRY Source: Alton Telegraph, March 23, The steam ferry boat, on this ferry, having been snagged and lost early in the winter, the public are informed that a new and superior boat is contracted for, which will make the trip in three or four minutes, and will be out from the Ohio in May. Until then, the company will run a scow and skiffs. Alton, April 6.

Aplin Jr. Alton - We recently visited this young and flourishing town. The business that has been transacted in it the present season greatly exceeds in amount the anticipations of its warmest friends. The Legislature, in its liberality to provide a suitable place for the reception of convicts, erected the State Penitentiary on a hill near the present site of Alton, and no doubt supposed that such a large stone structure would stand unrivalled by any buildings the Altonians might think proper to erect.

But the individual enterprise of the merchants in putting up large, four and five story stone warehouses, bears indomitable evidence that they are determined not to be outdone in this particular. In fact, the foundations for a large commercial city are already laid in Alton, and all the forced ridicule and unfair opposition that the citizens of St.

Louis may array against it cannot keep it down. The merchants of Alton are, generally, a liberal minded, fair dealing set of men, and as such we commend them to the patronage of our country leaders. The verdict given was the extent of the law on the subject, and we congratulate our community that such a verdict was found against the first symptoms of riot and disorder which have appeared among us. We believe this the largest verdict of the kind ever given in the county of Madison, and it augurs well for a healthy state of public sentiment.

It cannot be too deeply impressed upon the mind of every citizen, that the least injury inflicted upon the laws - the first note of defiance - is an evil of incalculable moment to our best and dearest interests. In this light we rejoice at the verdict, and hope its effect will be salutary upon this community. Louis Observer. The writer had visited Alton and was on his way East.

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When the writer says, "a beautiful town will yet be made of Alton," he speaks but the sentiments of all who look at the subject with candor and impartiality. A few weeks hence, her prairies will be one immense flower garden; her cultivated lands covered with the luxuriant growth of a most prolific soil; and her whole length and breadth spreading out the finest body of land to be found in these United States. Alton is a broken, ugly place. I remember one passenger asked another if he resided in Alton, and being answered in the affirmative, replied, "I pity you.

But let him enter Alton by land, going up from Saint Louis, and if his childhood like mind was nurtured among the mountains, the hills of Alton will look like friends. Ascend these hills and the prospect is delightful. The Missouri is full in view, pouring its mighty waters into the majestic Mississippi. The loaded steamboats fast stemming the current, and the town below you is bustling with the business that throngs her.

A beautiful town will yet be made of Alton.

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But Alton's greatest, fairest prospects are in the character of her population. Her men of influence are public spirited, virtuous, religious. The foundations for her greatness are laid in her college, her schools, her churches.

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The industrious, the intelligent, the sober, the pious, will find a congenial home in Alton. The intemperate and licentious had better go elsewhere. They may mingle with the herd that now infests the town and which must soon pass away, but they can gain no permanent home here. They are the first to attract the notice of the stranger, on entering a place, and the last to recede from his view on leaving it.

Nor are they an inconsiderable index of the moral character of a population. For it is proverbially true, that where public institutions such as Academics, Lyceum halls, churches, and the like, abound, there do we find a population virtuous, intelligent, refined and happy. It is on this account that we are pleased to record every new effort to erect Seminaries and churches. We doubt if the place can be found of its size in our country, where the institutions of religion and learning receives greater patronage than in Alton, or where at this moment, greater improvements are in contemplation.

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Besides the present neat and commodious Presbyterian, Baptist, and Reformed Methodist churches, we learn that the Episcopal congregation are making preparations to build a handsome church in the course of the summer - that the Episcopal Methodist congregation have recently purchased the house recently owned by the Baptists, and that the Baptist congregation will soon erect a house which for beauty and elegance will not suffer in comparison with any church in the western country. In addition to these, we learn that two churches Baptist and Presbyterian , and the college buildings, are in progress at Upper Alton, and the Female Seminary, projected and founded by the munificence of our esteemed fellow citizen, B.

Godfrey, Esq. We hope, before long, to present our readers with an outline of the plan upon which this seminary is to be conducted; and judging from the character of the gentleman who is to superintend it, no doubt exists but it will be established on principles the most liberal and correct. Green, expressly for plying between this place and the different ports on the Illinois River. This boat is of novel construction, and has been built with particular reference to the Illinois trade.

Our merchants have hitherto found great difficulty in shipping their goods regularly up the river - the boats from below being generally unable or unwilling to receive their freight. We therefore hope the enterprising proprietors of the B. Gilman will be largely rewarded for this very important acquisition to our business facilities with our sister towns on the Illinois river.

The internal arrangements of the boat are very tasty - not surpassed, if equaled, by any boat on the upper waters. Green has been long and favorably known on the river as a careful and attentive commander, and passengers on board his boat may rely upon every exertion to render their stay pleasant and agreeable. Arrangements are being made for its continuation to Hillsborough, with the pleasing prospect of a speedy completion to that place.

The enterprising citizens of Shelby county will no doubt do their part towards carrying the road through to their seat of justice, and thus afford facilities of intercourse with us which have not been hitherto enjoyed.

Charles, Mo. This arrangement has long been needed, and for the want of which, our citizens have not as frequently visited our neighbors on the other side of the river as they would have done, had traveling facilities been afforded. We learn that the road from this to St.

Charles is almost a perfect level, and during a great portion of the year is in excellent traveling order. We intend ourselves to take the first leisure season to visit the delightful village of St. Charles, and will then tell our readers more about it than our present knowledge of it will enable us to do. Townsend, W. Gilman, S. Ryder, Jonathan T.

Hankinson, Hezekiah Hawley, Sherman W. Robbins, Isaac I. The capital stock of said company, exclusive of premiums, notes, and profits arising from business, shall be twenty-five thousand dollars, and shall be divided into shares of fifty dollars each; fifty per centum of which shall be paid in money within six months after the first meeting of said company, and the residue in money, to be paid, twenty-five per centum thereof in twelve months, and twenty-five per centum in eighteen months from and after said first meeting, under such penalties as the president and directors may, in their discretion, order and appoint.

The said capital stock may hereafter be increased to an amount not exceeding two hundred thousand dollars, should a majority of the stockholders deem it advisable, and the additional stock be subscribed, and fifty per centum thereof paid in, within twelve months after the said company shall have commenced operations. The said stock shall be teemed personal property, and assignable and transferable, on the books of the corporation; but no stockholder, indebted to the corporation, shall be permitted to make a transfer until such debt be paid, or secured to the satisfaction of the directors.

Jonathan T.

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Gilman, J. Townsend, S. Pierce, Isaac I. Foster, and Stephen Griggs are hereby appointed commissioners for procuring subscriptions to said capital stock; and said commissioners, or a majority of them, shall open one or more subscription books for said stock, on such days, and at such places, as they shall deem expedient. Louis Lodge of the same order. The members from St. Louis, in full costume of the Order, accompanied by an excellent band of music, were in attendance by previous invitation and arrangement. At three o'clock on Thursday, the 11th inst.

Charles Keemle, a member of the Society from St. The oration as a literary production was highly creditable to the author, and was listened to by a crowded assembly with the most profound attention. The exercises at the church were closed with prayer by the Rev. Ives of the Baptist church. The procession moved from the church to the hall, where of course we could not follow them, not being in the secrets of the order. We learn, however, that the Society are prospering in a high degree, and that their increase has exceeded the expectations of the most sanguine of its friends.

We regret that the slumbers of some of our citizens were disturbed on the night of the organization, and that the Society from St. Louis are, by some, implicated in the disturbance. We state, however, in justice to those gentlemen, that they were all engaged in the object of their visit, until the time of their departure, about midnight.

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Upon the "serenading party," we are credibly informed, must rest the responsibility of all the disturbance. The unfortunate and deluded girl is about sixteen years of age, of very amiable and exemplary disposition, and until the occurrences of the present unhappy event was always considered to be extremely diffident, unassuming, and averse to familiarities or intercourse with the male sex.

Up to last evening, no tidings had been received of the fugitive, save that she was seen riding up the Bowery in a hack carriage in company with the individual in question, and an application was made at the police office by the wretched father for the aid of officers to assist him in rescuing his child from the ruin and perdition which threatened her. Two of the most active officers connected with the establishment started in pursuit, and it is to be hoped that their efforts will be crowned with the same eminent success which has heretofore generally attended their enterprise and industry.