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The Board will then ask questions of both the appellant and Assessor's staff in order to clarify any issues. In most cases, the Board will then deliberate and provide a ruling immediately. For some cases; however, the Board may postpone its decision until a later date. They may ask for additional documents from either side, it may be necessary for them to conduct a field visit or they may wait until all appeals on similar properties have been heard. Once the Board has concluded all scheduled appeal hearings and made their final rulings, decision letters will be mailed to the appellants on forms approved by the State Department of Taxation.

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Same Surname - Jones to Jones; or father to daughter, Cox to Mary Cox Smith Sale between friends or family members Sale after foreclosure Sale between government or private tax exempt entity Sale of undivided interest. May include business interest Sale between co-tenants Short Sale.

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Guide to the Administration of Decedents' Estates in Virginia - The Virginia Bar Association

All payments made after the due date are considered late and penalty and interest will be applied. There are five convenient locations to serve you:. To obtain real estate tax information, please enter the Owner Name, Parcel Number or Situs Address property address in the entry field above. Enter the street name without house number - 4th may also be fourth Enter only the house number - example: Enter the house number and street name - do not add Drive, Avenue, Lane, etc.

Under Virginia State Law, these real estate tax information records are public information.