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What is Visa? A visa is the authority given to foreign nationals to enter Botswana. Who is eligible to apply for this service? Foreign nationals whose countries have signed a Visa Abolition Agreement with Botswana are also not required to apply for a visa. Those who have permits but decide to stay outside the country for more than six months are required to apply for a visa when they come back to Botswana. What is required for application of this service?

Where can I apply for a visa? Please download the Visa Application Form here.

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Applicants can also submit applications at Regional and District Offices around the country. How long does it take to get a visa? Those who applied at the Regional and District Offices are posted back to the responses at their respective offices.

Department of Immigration and Citizenship. Tel: Migration and Visa Division.

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    Exceptions: None. Exceptions: In accordance with the most recent revisions to China's adoptions law, a Notarial Adoption Certificate is no longer a requirement for international intercountry -adoption cases that were initiated after April 1, , the effective date of the revisions. Prior to January , there were no standardized adoption laws and regulations in China. There may or may not be a written record dating from the time of the adoption in these older cases. Parties to pre adoptions, however, often secured Notarial Adoption Certificates at a later point in time that listed the natural parents' names, adoptive parents' names, and the date of the adoption.

    These certificates were meant to be issued only after the notary ascertained that an adoption took place conforming to local practice and regulation. China codified its adoption laws and regulations in the Current Adoption Law of China on December 29, , which came into effect on April 1, Under this law, a Notarial Adoption Certificate was required in all adoption cases, and the inability to obtain a Notarial Adoption Certificate was prima facie evidence that no legal adoption ever took place.

    Therefore, adoptions taking place after January and before April 1, are considered valid only with the issuance of a Notarial Adoption Certificate. Additionally, for adoption cases initiated during this period, the date of issuance of the Notarial Adoption Certification serves as the effective date of adoption. On November 4, , China amended its adoption law, effective April 1, Under the revised law, Notarial Adoption Certificates are no longer required in the adoption process, nor are they used to establish the effective date of adoption.

    Instead, a Certificate of Registration of Adoption is used, and the effective date of an adoption is the date of registration Revised Measures for Registration of Adoption of Children by Foreigners, Article These certificates are issued by the provincial-level Ministry of Civil Affairs, which is responsible for approving all adoptions of parentless or abandoned children who becomes the wards of the Chinese state. As in a domestic adoption, the adoptive relationship shall be established as the date of registration for all adoptions concluded on or after April 1, , the effective date of the revised law.

    For adoptions occurring prior to that date, failure to obtain a Notarial Certificate of Adoption remains prima facie evidence that a legal adoption never took place. While a Notarial Adoption Certificate is no longer required, one may be obtained should any party involved in the adoptive relationship wish to have one.

    Moreover, it remains true that if a foreign parent or married couple adopts a Chinese orphan, at least one of the adoptive parents must travel to China to complete the adoption, at which time they will receive a Notarial Birth Certificate and a Notarial Abandonment Certificate Revised Measures for Registration of Adoption of Children by Foreigners, Article 8. The Notarial Abandonment Certificate should detail under what circumstances the child was either orphaned or abandoned. Please consult the U. Consulate Guangzhou's Adoption Unit for more on the intercountry adoptions process.

    Some physical features of the card include:. The legal guardian can submit an application on behalf of children age 16 and younger. Procedure for Obtaining: The applicant must provide his or her biometric information and personally submit the following documents to the Public Security Bureau or authorized local administrative police station:. Exceptions: Police records are not available for those who were in China in diplomatic status including those working for international organizations, such as the United Nations.

    Applicants should check the website or contact their local Notary Public Office to obtain specific information regarding required fees and supporting documents. Starting from May 15th, , the PSB officially initiated the use of the electronic passport. A regular passport is dark red with 48 pages. The biographic page contains passport type, country code, passport number, name, gender, nationality, date of birth, place of birth, date of issue, place of issue, date of expiry, authority and the signature of the bearer.

    Issuing Authority Personnel Title: There is no issuing authority personnel title. Comments: Applicants should check the website or contact their local Public Security Bureau regarding any special registration criteria.