Social security date of death records

Not everyone listed in the SSDI is included.

Social Security Death Index (SSDI)

You might find people in this database who are not in the SSDI. A few of the entries may include the names of the person's parents. Many have just minimal information.

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It is helpful to first find the person's Social Security number - try using one of the online Social Security Death Indexes listed above. For help obtaining the person's Railroad Retirement Board claim number, see: U.

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Search SSDI (Social Security Death Index) for Free - Fold3

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The index includes a few deaths from to , about 50 percent of deceased persons from to , and about 85 percent of deceased persons from to Married women are usually listed in this index under their married name. Last names longer than 12 letters are shortened to 12 characters. The death place listed is not necessarily the place of death, it is the last place of residence that the Social Security Administration has on file.

If a town name of last residence is not listed, it may be found by use of the Zip code. However, realize that errors may have occurred when the information was originally entered. Information listed for the name and birth date was provided by an informant and may be inaccurate.

Social Security Death Index

The Social Security Administration SSA was created in and began issuing Social Security numbers to track the earnings that workers reported for retirement benefits. Because this extracted file deals with deceased persons, the information is considered to be in the public domain. Several organizations have purchased this file and posted it to their websites. The purpose of this index was twofold: to protect the benefits to beneficiaries of pension funds, insurance benefits, and assist Federal, State and Local governments and others responsible for verifying deceased person s in support of fulfillment of benefits to their beneficiaries; and to identify and prevent identity fraud, and identify persons who are deceased.

Records for the most recent 3 years are not available. This collection was last updated in The death residence as not necessarily the place of death. Rather, tt is the last place of residence that the Social Security Administration has on file.

Social Security Death Records