How to find your subnet ip on windows xp

As an example, www.

Subnet Mask Address

If not, you can try this free Opendns. You can also check out simple way to check IP address after knowing the way to set IP.

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Note : If you have a notebook, using static IP at home and the IP assigned by DHCP server at the office, you can make use of alternate configuration to set IP and network information for these 2 different network. Set Obtain an IP address automatically on General tab which is same as what I specified above, so that the notebook will be assigned IP addresses automatically at the office.

Assign Static IP Addresses Via Your Router

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  7. Automate your work with Google Addons. Note the IP Address line; mine is Also note your Default Gateway; mine is Oftentimes you might see that your IP address is In that case, your Internet Gateway address is probably Once Auditor is up and running, let's first make sure you're online.

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    It should inform you that you now have an IP address. Note the IP address you're assigned. In my case, it was My IP address is My Internet Gateway address is still Now let's use Nmap, a network scanner. Remember your Internet Gateway address?