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Updated October 19, In addition to filters, you can include special operators to narrow your search:. Be sure to separate multiple search terms, phrases, and operators with a blank space. Continue Reading. Lifewire uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Lifewire, you accept our. You can type them yourself in the basic search box at the top - here are the 8 search operators :. Quick Steps to quickly search for messages in Yahoo Mail: 1 Click inside the big search box at the top.

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Launch a basic email search To search for any kind of match in your inbox and other folders, click inside the big search box at the top of the page. Type one or more keywords, and hit Enter or click on the " Search Mail " button: Note: Yahoo Mail even saves searches you've last performed; to find again messages that match certain keywords, just click on the set of keywords under " Recent Searches ".

And note that you can delete recent searches by clicking on the corresponding " x " button - highlight in screenshot below. To erase all your recent searches, click on the " Clear " link, underlined in red below:. Sift through search results Yahoo Mail will load all matching results in a listing where the content of your email folders is usually displayed.

Perform an advanced email search In most cases, the basic email search -if specific enough- will bring up the email you were looking for. Advanced search fields The advanced search is just a list of text boxes mapped to standard fields. Here's a brief explanation of each search field, and how to use it when applicable: Use the " From " and " To " fields to find messages by email sender or recipients To or Cc , by typing a partial email address or person name - as u type, Yahoo will auto-complete suggestions based on the contacts you added to your address book.

Type inside the Subject field any word or words that you remember appeared in the title " subject line " of the message you are looking for. To search inside the message body the text the email contains type inside the " Contains " field instead. The " Date " field, set to " Any time " by default, can be used to narrow down your search in time.

Pick " In the last 7 days " or " In the last 30 days " to find messages you know you received in the past week or month. To enter a custom date range , choose " Custom date " from the dropdown menu. Gmail also allows you to view attachments directly within the inbox. Clicking on a Word document, for example, opens a read-only popup with buttons at the top to open the document in Google Docs, save it to Google Drive, print the document, or download it to your computer.

Hovering over the attachment without clicking on it causes two buttons to appear that allow you to download the attachment or save it to Google Drive. Similarly, you can view YouTube videos sent as a link in an email without leaving your inbox. Gmail displays a sample image from the video at the bottom of the message; clicking on the picture opens the video in a popup. Another unique feature of Gmail is its compose window. When replying to messages or composing a new email, Gmail opens a popup window at the bottom right corner of the screen.

This allows you to browse your inbox while simultaneously composing an email, which is an immensely helpful and time-saving feature if you need to consult previously received emails while writing an email of your own. Gmail's compose window also lets you compose two emails at once — a feature that no other email service provides. Finally, Gmail displays the participants in an email conversation on the right of the screen, along with recent photos they've shared with you. Buttons for chat, video chat and email are located below their profile picture, allowing you to start a new conversation with these participants directly from the current email pane.

Like Gmail, Yahoo Mail allows you to view attachments within the inbox itself. Clicking on pictures or documents opens them in a popup. A button at the top of the popup provides the option of downloading the attachment to either Dropbox or your computer. Yahoo also offers Enhanced Contacts, which displays your contacts' recent messages, shared photos and attachments in addition to standard contact information, such as email addresses and phone numbers.

This makes it easy to find files that you've received, even if you can't remember which email contained the attachment. You can open and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files directly from the inbox, without having Office installed on your computer. The online copy of the document retains all of the original formatting, though not advanced features such as comments. Outlook also provides a unique feature called Sweep.

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When you've opened an email or selected it in your inbox, you can click on the Sweep button at the top of the page to open a drop-down menu. From here, you can select actions such as delete all messages from this sender, delete all messages and block any future emails, always keep the latest email and delete the rest, and always delete email older than 10 days. It's a powerful tool that helps eliminate unwanted emails such as promotional offers and forum updates. As with Gmail, Outlook.

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Clicking on the preview image at the bottom of the message opens the video in a popup window. AOL Mail offers comparatively few special features. There's Today on AOL, a page that opens when you first log in to the service, which displays the latest headlines and local weather.

The sheer number of tools and tricks provided by Gmail sets it apart from the rest. The Gmail app, available for Android and iOS, provides nearly the full functionality of Google's webmail service on your mobile device. Like the desktop site, the app's inbox is divided into tabs Primary, Social, Promotions and other categories of your choosing , and you can sort your messages according to label. A search button at the top right corner of the screen makes it easy to find emails.

The app delivers a push notification when you receive an email; in addition to the sender and subject line, the notification displays the first line of text from the email body, as well as the total number of unread messages. Furthermore, you can delete or reply to messages right from the notification drawer if you're using an Android phone or tablet.

The Gmail app also lets you set a vacation auto-response, with adjustable start and end dates. You can set the vacation responder to reply to all messages, or only to emails from people in your contacts list. Folders are available by swiping in from the left, and you can search for messages using the search bar just above the inbox.

You can also change the background theme, a feature that Gmail lacks. Push notifications let you know when you have a new email. Unlike Gmail, however, you can't delete or reply to the email from the Android notifications drawer. More annoyingly, Yahoo Mail displays sponsored advertisements at the top of the inbox. The Oulook. It sports the same minimalist aesthetic as the Outlook. The refresh, compose and search buttons are located at the bottom of the display. Swiping from the left, you can jump between folders, switch accounts and adjust the settings.

Push notifications display the sender, subject and the first line of text, but you can't delete or reply to the email from the notifications drawer. The Outlook. You can create a vacation auto-response though not start and end dates, as in Gmail , set up a quiet time when syncing should not occur for example, at night or when your device has low power , or lock the application with a secure pincode.

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Winner: Gmail 14 points. Although the Outlook. Runners-up: Yahoo Mail and Outlook. All of the email services, with the exception of AOL Mail, offer two-step verification as an additional layer of security beyond a password. With this feature enabled, after inputting your password you'll need to enter a code that you'll receive via text message or voice call.

Once signed in, you can set the two-step verification not to ask for a code again on that computer; however, if someone tries to sign in from a different PC, they'll still be prompted for the verification code.

In addition to two-step verification, Gmail lets you manage account permissions for example, if you log in to websites using your Google account and view security-related events adding a phone number, changing your password or turning on two-step verification. Gmail will also send phone alerts if your password has been changed or it notices suspicious activity, such as an attempted login from a foreign IP address.

Yahoo Mail offers a number of security features. For phishing protection, Yahoo Mail features a sign-in seal either a short text message or an image from your computer that appears only if you're on a genuine Yahoo-affiliated site like Yahoo Mail. You can also change the frequency with which Yahoo Mail automatically signs you out either every day or every four weeks , view your recent sign-in activity and manage your account permissions.