How many grooves are in a vinyl record

How It’s Made

View step-by-step directions on how to clean records. If it's not specifically labelled for use on vinyl records then please do NOT use it. Never use WD40, lubricants, or solvents of any kind on your records. Never place or pick up a vinyl record as the turntable platter is spinning. This will quickly scratch the underside of a record.

Always wait for the platter to come to a complete stop before doing anything with the record. If your turntable platter uses a rubber or felt mat then make sure it is clean before placing a record on top of it first.

8 Things to Avoid Doing to Vinyl Records

Don't mar that beautiful album cover art with tape Can I use masking tape or Scotch tape to fix record jackets? Refrain from using Scotch tape or packaging tape to fix a record cover that is splitting or tearing.

Electron microscope slow-motion video of vinyl LP

It will completely destroy the cover. As the cellophane tape ages, it becomes brittle, yellows, and will ooze adhesive making things worse than before.

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Best to place the record jacket in a poly outer sleeve and place the record in its inner sleeve behind it or place the record in its inner sleeve inside a generic cardboard record jacket and save the original jacket for safekeeping. Do you know which sleeves are right for your vinyl records? Generic replacement record jackets are great for replacing water-damaged, lost or torn jackets.

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Never leave your records out of their sleeves longer than necessary How long can I keep my records outside of their packaging? Put vinyl records back into their protective inner sleeve when you're done. Remove a record from the turntable platter as soon as you are finished listening to it to prevent it from attracting dust and dirt.

This applies even if your turntable has a dustcover. The only time a record should be outside its protective sleeve and jacket is when it is actually being played. No excuses! Then, my DJ set was also featured in Singapore Community Radio , which helped me to spread my music selection to the local scene. In the Japanese DJ music scene, they are open to new genres of music. So many good discoveries; I cannot choose!

It was the happiest moment! Sometimes, I purchase them online. When visiting Red Point, I always ask Mr. Ong, the owner of the shop, for his recommendations and I listen to all of them. Also, the raw, analogue groove sound from vinyl has much better quality! I hope to bring in more local and Asian rare groove music to the modern Singaporean music scene. Recently, we started an event called Rojak Champloo , focused on Asian exotic groove nights.

My favourite hangout is Chinatown Complex, where I like to have a cold beer and listen to uncles and aunties singing old tunes on the stage. Someone asks you how well you know Singaporean music?

Someone requests for an Asian city pop song? You feel like playing a really, really rare record? For more information on DJ Itch, follow his Facebook page and Instagram account , where he shares his knowledge on Asian rare grooves and other hidden gems. Maestros Spots Happenings About Contact. Back Electronic Live. Hey Itch! When the metal master is separated from the lacquer, the resulting disc has ridges instead of grooves.

What Next?

The metal master is then used to create a metal record, also called the mother, which is then used to form the stamper. Stampers are just negative versions of the original recording that will be used to make the actual vinyl records. Next, the stamper is placed in a hydraulic press, and vinyl is sandwiched in between.

Vinyl Record Cleaning Technical Detail – The Vinyl Record Cleaning Company

Steam from the press softens the plastic as the stampers push an impression of the master recording onto it. Finally, the disc is stiffened using cool water. Once the record is ready to be played, it will need a proper machine to bring its sounds to life. Up next, we'll break down how exactly a record player's components work together to bring you the music.