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The two contrive to communicate by sending messages to each other by pigeon. On the night before the wedding Chang sneaks into the orchard and they plan to elope. Unfortunately, they are discovered by the mandarin, who chases them across a small bridge from the pagoda. A passing boat takes them to an island where they take refuge in a small house.

Over the years the mandarin becomes consumed with anger that his daughter has run away, and jealous beyond measure because Koong-Shee has loved Chang more than he, her father. In time, he and Ta-Jin, the spurned suitor, track the two lovers down and set the house on fire, with the lovers inside. But the gods take pity on the two lovers and the next day their spirits rise, phoenix-like as two love birds who fly into the realm of everlasting happiness.

If you look at the willow-pattern you will see all of these elements, and they symbolise to me, in the character of Koong-Shee, and also in Chang, the profile of Ignatia, some of whose features I have italicised. The remedy Ignatia comes from the St Ignatius bean, which is the seed of Ignatia amaris, a climbing shrub native to China, the Philippines and Indonesia.

It was taken to Europe by the Jesuits in the s and named after the founder of their order, Ignatius Loyola. The seeds were used to treat epilepsy and some contagious diseases, such as cholera.

It belongs to the family Loganaceae, which also produces the remedies Nux vomica, Gelsemium and Spigelia. The fruit of Ignatia amaris is a corticated berry, about ten cms in diameter, which contains numerous seeds in the middle of its yellow pulp. It has a high alkaloid content, more than 60 per cent consisting of strychnine, which is about twice as much as is found in Nux vomica.

It was proved by Samuel Hahnemann himself, who compared the reactions of Nux vomica with it. Romantic and sensitive Romance and idealism are common characteristics of the Ignatia state. There may be a general tendency to see the world and relationships through rose-tinted glasses.

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As a result, when things go wrong and they are disappointed in something they take it personally. They are sensitive and easily offended, easily hurt. They may sleep fitfully and badly.

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They may manifest sensitivity to the environment, with aversion to cigarette smoke and stuffy atmospheres. Noises and bright lights will make some symptoms worse, and they will be eased by rest away from the noise or light. At a physical level there is a general hypersensitity. Thus there may be the development of twitches, tics, cramps and spasms. These spasms may manifest as a lump in the throat, spasm in the throat or difficulty swallowing, even amounting to the nervous state that we refer to as globus hystericus, whereby the individual cannot swallow food. There could be a cough that feels tight and as if there is a constricting feeling in the airways.

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Acute back pain could flare up suddenly. Irritable bowel syndrome may develop, and it is common to experience rectal symptoms.

Burning, cutting feelings, like a hot poker or a knife in the rectum, or even like a ball in the back passage may come on and seem almost impossible to live with. There is almost always a delicate and chilly tendency. Most complaints will be worse in the cold, but will improve from sun and warmth. Curiously, pains tend to occur in very circumscribed or well-located spots. For example headaches will be sudden and severe and feel as if a nail has been hammered into a spot, or a single part of a muscle or joint will hurt.

You can see the romantic background in the willow-pattern and the tendency to sensitivity in Koong-Shee. Loss and yearning The word loss almost underpins the Ignatia reaction, because they do not cope well with loss.

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This can be loss of anything important, such as status, a treasured possession, or something they have become attached to. The most devastating loss, however, is the loss of a loved one, be that a relative, friend, pet or lover. This will fill them with desolation. They will be aware of the empty hole that is created in their life and they may feel empty inside.

They will feel genuinely heartbroken. Ignatia may be needed when grief is prolonged, or when ailments start following a bereavement, a relationship breakdown, or some other important loss. They can also feel upset if they feel that they have failed someone, as if they have failed in their duty. They will dwell on this and agonise about it. They are prone to jealousy, which can become so severe that it will rise all of a sudden to ruin their equanimity. It can create turbulence in an affair or relationship. In the typical Ignatia reaction there is a tendency to yearn for the thing that is lost.

The person will not often talk about their loss or about how they are feeling, but they will agonise and yearn for the lost person or thing. They will not tell people about it, but they will in a way expect them to know. Seller's other items. Sell one like this. Similar sponsored items Feedback on our suggestions - Similar sponsored items.

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