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There is considerable variation among jurisdictions regarding how far back records can be found. Most jurisdictions will have permits going back 20 to 30 years, while a few may have records dating back 40 to 50 years.

It is very rare, however, to find building permits prior to For "older" homes, which is certainly any home built before and often buildings erected before , tax records may prove a clue as to when a building was constructed. Found in the Assessor's office, tax records do not directly indicate when a building was built. However, because a building will increase the property's value, a sudden increase in the tax paid usually indicates that construction has taken place.

Tax rolls, however, must be used with caution. First, dates listed with tax rolls are only approximate. This is particularly true if the structure was built in an isolated area. It may have taken the assessor several years to re-value the property and thus increase the taxes. Like today's taxpayers, those in the past rarely called the assessor to announce the need to re-assess the property for the purpose of paying more tax. Second, the building that stands on a piece of property today may not be the one that was constructed when the taxes first increased.

An older structure may have been torn down and replaced with a newer building. Fire insurance maps, or Sanborn Maps, are one of the most productive sources of information about older buildings. These maps first appeared in the s and continued up until the s. They were created for insurance companies who wanted detailed information about buildings in a particular area in order to accurately assess fire insurance premiums. A typical fire insurance map includes the street address, number of stories, and footprint of each building and structure in the area mapped.

The original maps were also color coded to indicate the building material. Because fire insurance maps were made by a "for profit" corporation, they exist only for areas where the insurance company thought was a highest probability of sales. Thus, fire insurance maps typically exist for urban areas, although for the map's purpose "urban" included many small towns.

One of the greatest assets of these maps is their ability to document the changes a building or property went through over a period of decades. Researching a property from one decade's map to the next may show the addition or enclosure of a porch, the addition of a garage, or the construction of an outbuilding. For paper copies of the maps, you can contact the City's Preservation Division at Another wonderful mapping resource is known as the "birds-eye views" map. This very accurate, published sketch is quite literally an aerial or "bird's eye" view of the community that can be found throughout the country.

Bird's-eye views were usually created at the request of a town's business community for promotional purposes. The companies which contracted to make these views prided themselves in representing the town with great accuracy. Thus the bird's-eye view creates a fairly accurate snapshot of the buildings in a community as of the date of publication. The bird's eye view map of Independence dates back to the s and is an excellent resource for dating early Civil War era buildings.

There are several resources available for those researching Independence or Jackson County history. If you have determined that your property is affiliated with a City or County pioneer, one of these resources may lead to more definitive information concerning the history of your home or historic owners of your home. Over the past few decades, surveying areas with a great concentration of older perhaps historic buildings has become commonplace. You sign and record the deed now, but it doesn't take effect until your death.

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Do we need to make out a will for both of us to avoid probate Platte County, Missouri, its officers, employees, agents and vendors "County" do not represent nor endorse the accuracy or reliability of any of the information or advertisements contained on, distributed through, or linked, downloaded or accessed from any of the services contained on this website "Materials" , nor the quality of any Welcome to the Jasper County, Missouri Recorder of Deeds informational web site. Of the 45, licenses issued across the State of Missouri, over 6, couples -- approximately one of every seven -- come to Jackson County to obtain their license.

What is a Transfer on Death Deed? A transfer-on-death TOD deed, also called a beneficiary deed, looks like a regular deed used to transfer real estate. Appeal from the Circuit Court of Clay County. After a trial or settlement, if a worker has permanent disability, a worker is entitled to permanent disability benefits. The painted murals show a number of historical scenes from throughout Clay County. Missouri Revisor of Statutes. We are a couple who are without a will for each of us. To access our applications, you are required to register.

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Instant online access to Clay County real estate records, property reports, property legal descriptions, title search, ownership title history, deed records and document copies, mortgage records, property liens, personal liens. Missouri Recorder of Deeds Portal.

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Reference: Single family home with no mortgage in Clay County Missouri. Changing the Name on a Deed All forms submitted to the Probate Department must have the form number at the bottom of every page. My wife is 64 and I am 66, she has many medical problems but I am in fairly good health.

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It's generally best to work through a title company or a real estate lawyer to ensure that the addition goes smoothly and is done legally. Christmas Eve, Courthouse closes at P. If you have any questions, direct them to: recorder jaspercounty. Kozeny as successor trustee. McConn, Mrs.

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  4. Bader, a resident of Scottsdale, Arizona, was appointed as administrator of the Sherwood's estate by virtue of Letters of Administration issued by the Clay County Circuit Court. Members of the military who are stationed in Missouri do not have to title or register your vehicle with the state, as long as you maintain current registration and insurance from your home state. Liberty, Missouri is the county seat of Clay County, one of thirteen counties comprising the Kansas City metropolitan area.

    The other neighbor will almost certainly want to use the property as he had been, since enforcing the legal property lines would cause him to lose some of "his" land. Dreiling, Jr. Murphy in There are roughly 30, residents, living in 10, households.

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    Affirmed in part, reversed in part, and remanded. Where to file? This fee is charged by the recording offices in most counties. The average temperature for Liberty this time of the year is low of 56F and high of 79F. Join us at one of Clay County's many historic sites. The main courthouse is located at N. If the property has multiple owners, all owners must sign the beneficiary deed in front of a notary public. The Recorder of Deeds office is governed by the state statutes of Missouri, and records, maintains and preserves the real estate land records for Lafayette County.

    MERS a security interest in the property as nominee for the bank. Like a traditional life estate deed, it avoids probate by transferring property automatically to remainder beneficiaries at your death. As of the census, the county had a population of ,, making it the fifth-most populous county in Missouri.

    Kurt H. Avoid probate and pass on your Missouri real estate with a simple transfer-on-death deed. Elected Public Officials: Take the completed and acknowledged form to [the office of the county recorder of deeds] of the [county] where the property is located. You may also pay property taxes online. Description; FileViewer provides access to scanned indexes and image of the historical and current documents, indexes and plats for Real Property, and Oil and Gas Records all over Texas and New Mexico This property will be sold at a live foreclosure auction in Clay County, Missouri on June 17, at AM.

    The beneficiary deed eliminates the need for probate and provides tax benefits to the grantor's estate. Use this form to leave your Missouri real estate without probate. The license must be used within 30 days in the State of Missouri only. Law Office of Kurt H. Here, you'll find clear and accurate information about Inheritance Law, including: probate, estate taxes, death tax, how to collect life insurance, pay on death accounts, and survivors benefits.

    Residents enjoy the rural aspects of Clay County and the proximity of cultural and recreational activities of the metropolitan Kansas City area.