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What's more, you can start the process anywhere, surrounded by family, and this is where the best genealogy apps come into their own. The smartphone has given us so many tools rolled into one — a video camera for recording uncle Albert's war stories, a voice recorder for the camera shy, interactive maps so you can find the house where your grandfather was born and a pocket scanner for quickly capturing copies of great aunt Ethel's ration book before she chucks it out without telling you.

Before you know it you'll be infected with the genealogy bug, seeking out the nearest archive in search of all those documents that haven't yet been digitised.

Interviewing your family is the best place to begin. This voice recording app offers clear sound, good basic functionality and the option to tag audio files that you have saved. If you want to keep the interviews for posterity, using a plug-in microphone with your smartphone or tablet will improve the quality further still. Start building your family tree and find your ancestors in billions of historic records.

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This works best when used with a monthly subscription to the Ancestry website. This forum app gives access to a rapidly growing genealogy community online. Somewhere for newbies to ask for friendly pointers and for experienced hands to share advice. It is also a good place to pick up birth, marriage and death certificates.

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Family trees that are easy to build and to view even offline. There are three privacy settings and a function to create a fast family tree by connecting with relatives via Facebook. If you want to view historical documents, including census returns, wills and nonconformist records, you have to pay to subscribe via TheGenealogist website. If your findings are mainly recorded electronically, use a memory stick as a safeguard should you lose access to your data.

Even the most experienced family historians face research challenges. Online forums can be a great source of help and encouragement, or consider leaving the query and moving to another branch of your tree, coming back to look at the problem with a fresh eye further down the line. One of the best things about tracing your ancestors is that this is a quest which you can enjoy for years to come.

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We wish you the very best on your ancestral adventures and we're always here to help you along the way. We use cookies to improve your experience of this website by remembering your usage preferences, collecting statistics, and targeting relevant content. News Southampton's dark history told at new heritage experience 31 October News French schoolgirl's Holocaust letters now available in English 17 October News Sacred artefacts to return to their ancestral homes in Australia 16 October View, tag and print multimedia files directly from My Family Tree.

My Family Tree makes it simple to record sources and citations for all of the information stored in your family tree.

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Print your tree as a large multipage tiled chart or save it as an image or pdf file. Store all your family tree information, and multimedia in a single compact file for easier portability.

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Analyse family statistics on births, deaths and marriages and view all family events in an interactive timeline. Check who's related to who with the relationship calculator and detect data discrepancies including ancestral loops.

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My Family Tree allows you to protect and backup your data with encryption. You can use privacy settings to control the information exported in reports and print outs. Geocode places in your tree and view where events happened on an interactive map. You can also export place information for use in advanced mapping services.

Advanced date input with full support for partial dates, date ranges and text only dates. Enter dates in one of 25 calendars and display them in a localised format.

Build your family tree the easy way with My Family Tree. Get it now.