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In the three years since the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide , anti- LGBT groups have been desperately looking for state-level victories wherever they can get them.

History of Quaker views on same-sex relationships

Not only do these bills target children, they represent a sort of last resort for anti-LGBT lawmakers and groups, who have so far failed to pass any anti-LGBT state laws in Indeed, has mostly seen a string of state-level defeats for anti-LGBT lawmakers and groups: Voters in Anchorage, Alaska turned down an anti-transgender bathroom initiative. Religion is often conflated with notions of culture and tradition, and then used as a justification to condemn same-sex sexuality.

Meanwhile, the loudest and most public Western influence on this issue arguably comes from Western preachers, like [California megachurch] Pastor Rick Warren. Their efforts seek to further the notion that same-sex sexuality is fundamentally immoral, against religion and against culture.

There’s Only One State Where You Can Marry Without God as a Witness

The flagship issue of this campaign is the ordination of LGBT clergy by mainline Protestant denominations. As a direct result of this campaign, homophobia is on the rise in Africa— from increased incidents of violence to antigay legislation that carries the death penalty.

For decades in Africa, U. Right— to topple racist colonial regimes in Rhodesia now Zimbabwe and South Africa, and to empower oppressed people of all sorts. But one of the main organizations promoting homophobia in both Africa and the United States over the last decade is the Institute on Religion and Democracy IRD , a well-funded neoconservative think tank that opposed the African liberation struggles.

The Black Legend, Native Americans, and Spaniards: Crash Course US History #1

For IRD, this campaign is part of a long-term, deliberate, and successful strategy to weaken and split U. Using African leaders as a wedge in U. News coverage of the marriage equality and ordination conflicts in the United States not only glosses over U.

Celebrating committed relationships

As they have cultivated African political and religious leaders, conservatives ranging from megachurch minister Rick Warren to Holocaust revisionist Scott Lively have used their broad access to push for antigay politics in Africa. While homophobia in Africa is fomented largely for U. Scott Lively and other evangelicals portray victories for equality in the United States as evidence of the encroaching gay conspiracy, exciting bigotry and violence among their African audiences.

Faith and politics: Your guide to the Democratic presidential debates

The globalization of the U. Emphasis in original. African Christians and political leaders will be able to make better-informed decisions about the alliances they make in the United States. The right-wing ecumenism of IRD-sponsored renewal movements cries out for more robust ecumenical work among U. To me, this is not because of homosexuality. The passages condemn male rape of strangers to humiliate them.

Rape is a crime of violence. That was an issue then, but is not so much now. Do we focus on just one forbidden activity v.

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We recognise all Quaker marriages held since Yearly Meeting as equal, whether recorded by the state as a civil partnership or a marriage. Same-sex couples who are civil partners and wish subsequently to convert this to a marriage in a Quaker meeting for worship may do so where this is permitted by law.

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Today we are amazed that they did not recognise this until visionaries showed them that it was so. We believe that two hundred years from now, those who follow us will be equally astounded to discover that in the twenty-first century we had still to realise the full equality of lesbian and gay people.

Much of the language we use in society has changed since the statements and books referred to on this page were written. We hope to learn and grow together as we continue to live out the Quaker testimony to equality as a loving and faithful community.

Faith and politics: Your guide to the Democratic presidential debates

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